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Ryan grew up working for his father, Stephen.  While working after school and during summer breaks he learned the skills of the trade and a strong work ethic.  After earning a BS in Telecommunications from Indiana University, Ryan went to work with his father full time.  Because he had a desire to broaden his construction knowledge, he took a job with a local contractor/finish carpenter for several years.  Ryan learned the trade of carpentry as well many other areas of construction such as building, drywall, flooring, cabinetry, etc.  The time was right for, Ryan and Stephen to team up to start Pro Scott Enterprises in 2008.

"a strong work ethic"

Ryan's knowledge of media, design, and marketing as well as his training in all areas of construction, combined with Stephen's attention to detail and knowledge of business makes Pro Scott Enterprises the perfect choice for all of your painting and construction needs.  Give us a call and let us handle your next project.

Stephen started his own painting business in 1977.  During his career in painting he has gained valuable knowledge and expertise in many different areas.  Some various projects he has completed include:

  1. Exterior painting of large condominium complex
  2. School football field including bleachers and surrounding railings
  3. Painting four stores in a new mall
  4. Primary painter for high end interior decorator
  5. Interior and exterior painting of new custom homes
  6. Flood and fire damage repair

Stephen’s experience also included working for six years as a journeyman for the Painter’s Union which included work on apartment buildings, commercial office buildings, drywall repair, and other types of commercial and residential work.  In addition, while working for different residential custom homebuilders, Stephen became an expert in staining, lacquering, all kinds of spray work, and on-site matching of colors.  Builders appreciate his meticulous attention to detail and his expertise.  They have used him to complete many model homes, spec homes, and custom homes.

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